Bringing Down The Duke

Annabelle Archer is one of the first female students to study at Oxford University, but to pay for her tuition she has accepted a scholarship from the National Society for Women’s Suffrage. Now she must support the group’s agenda to amend the Married Women’s Property Act and give women the right to vote. While working to recruit men of influence for the cause, Annabelle encounters Sebastian Devereux, the Duke of Montgomery.

The Duke of Montgomery, known for his brilliant political mind, has his own agenda: to regain his family’s ancestral home. To do so will require the favor of Queen Victoria, and she has tasked him with winning the upcoming election for the Tory party, which of course vehemently opposes women’s suffrage. If he fails, his ancestral home will be lost forever.

Annabelle and Sebastian come from two completely different worlds, she is a commoner with limited options due to her social station and sex; he is a nobleman with seemingly unlimited choices, but constrained by societal expectations and his own notions of duty. Despite these differences there is a magnetic pull between the two that can’t be ignored.

If you’re a fan of historical romance, this book is for you! Evie Dunmore has delivered a sexy, heart-wrenching romance that beautifully captures the internal struggle of remaining true to one’s self in the face of significant external and internal expectations, while also weaving in the history of the women’s suffrage movement in England in the late-1800s.

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Thread Count Rating: 800

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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