Mr. Wrong Number

This was a super cute book and I completely devoured it within 24 hours. If you’re looking for something fun, flirty, and on the lighter side, pick this one up! With the weather warming up and pool days in the not too distant future, this would make for the perfect pool-side reading material.

Olivia Marshall has just moved back to Omaha after enduring a rough turn of events in Chicago. While she’s working on sorting out her life, she’s crashing at her brother Jack’s apartment. Jack just so happens to also have a roommate and that roommate is none other than Colin Beck. Colin and Jack have been friends forever, which means Olivia has also know Colin for most of her life and the two of them are not exactly friendly with each other.

On Olivia’s first night back in town she gets a text from a wrong number asking what she’s wearing. Rather than ending the conversation once Mr. Wrong Number realizes that he texted the wrong person, Mr. Wrong Number and Miss Misdial keep the conversation going and develop a genuine connection. In case you haven’t guessed it already, Mr. Wrong Number turns out to be Colin and when he discovers that Miss Misdial is actually Olivia he decides the only thing to do is ghost her.

Olivia is pretty disappointed when Mr. Wrong Number just stops texting her back all of a sudden and she doesn’t know what she did wrong. She misses her anonymous friend but as more time passes she notices that void being filled by a budding relationship with Colin. But what happens when she finds out that Colin is actually Mr. Wrong Number and he knew she was Miss Misdial?

This book is the epitome of a romantic comedy filled with the tried and true tropes of enemies to lovers and brother’s best friend. It has some deliciously steamy scenes but nothing too explicit. I honestly can’t recommend this book enough!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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